There is a difference between living and being alive.

The 4th Man

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Are you tired of what you've been told?
The 4th Man shines light into the darkest lies surrounding manhood.
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Wherever you are in life, your story is not

Your story matters. Through creatively capturing the stories of others, we hope to empower you to share yours.

We create resources that build trust, inspire vulnerability, and speak truth.


Our culture is loud, constant, and transmits both confusing and conflicting messages about what the expectations are for men and women.

We use the power of storytelling on film because each one of us needs to know we are not alone.
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"I'm fine."

Amidst the struggles that men and women of all ages face, are we actually fine?

Our retreats create space and time to unpack the topics in the films, thus launching you into community and conversation.
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It is our goal to empower and equip people to use our resources in their own churches, families, schools, or small groups.

With over 30 years of ministry experience, we recognize beginning a fruitful ministry is not easy.
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