Meet Project Light Ministries

We create resources that build trust, inspire vulnerability, and speak truth.

The Culture

Our culture is very effective at transmitting the messages that there are prerequisites for happiness and success which include a whole list of unhealthy expectations.

Our Response

As a response to the culture, we exist to create resources for men and women to understand their true worth and walk with them through the trials and joy of life.

We tell authentic stories.

The Power of Film

Project Light Ministries uses the power and vulnerability that comes from sharing stories on film to help jump start these difficult conversations.

These hard topics become more accessible through personal testimonies conveyed through films that tell these stories in a way that is beautiful and true.
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Retreats for men and women

We offer customized retreats aimed at meeting individuals wherever they are in their journey.

With over 30 years of ministry experience, Project Light Ministries has lead countless retreats to facilitate an authentic encounter with Christ and wants to provide you with the tools to do the same.

These retreats provide a platform for the conversations that are at the root of vulnerability and healing.

We build community.

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We equip and empower.

Consulting future ministry leaders

Project Light Ministries uses our 30 years of ministry experience to equip and empower people to use our resources in their churches, their families, their schools, or their small groups.

Beginning or growing a fruitful ministry is not easy. For this reason, we now offer consultation to ministries of all degrees of experiences, sizes, and structures. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.
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Our Resources

Our culture is loud, constant, and transmits both confusing and conflicting messages about what the expectations are for men and women.

As a response to the culture, we make no assumptions and meet each person right where they are. Our resources were created for men and women to understand their true worth and walk with them through the trials and joy of life.
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