So, you saw the film.

You might be feeling...

angry. uncomfortable. confused. hopeful. hurt. broken beyond belief.
not alone. alone. excited for change. worried. surprised. scared. pensive. 

wondering what's next. etc. etc. etc.

These are real words and real quotes from real women who have seen Speaking to Sparrows.

Now what?

Speaking to Sparrows couldn't cover everything. Project Light Ministry's resources work complementary to the film, allowing for an immersive experience in understanding and healing, whether that be individually or in a small group setting.

In the pages following each of the above images, you will find resources gathered from across the web:
YouTube videos • articles • blogs • podcasts • social media handles • music playlists • and special segments from
the filming of Speaking to Sparrows all to guide you on this journey to self-love.

Go, and seek what is good.

We are always looking for more awesome resources to add to our site. 
If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know below!